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The best RACE for PK? Well.. there are several choices, but Avatars are the most popular (because they are the easiest to come by). I personally am a Demon, and for me that's the best race for PK. But there are several other races that are very good.

Avatars are good because they have all their stats fixed at 23, so they get max HP from the first level. But Demons are better here, sure they are dependant on alignment, but it's not that hard to get your stats to 24 just before you cross to the next level. Personally I have about 70-100 HP's more than an Avatar adventurer of the same class. But to become a Demon is not that easy, and than to level it from level 1 to 109 and realigning every time you get close to leveling (trust me, not as fun as you would think, but it's worth it!)

Feline is an excellent race for PK, the ability to Pounce your foe is extremely useful! (I know, I've been pounced several times and I didn't like  at all). But the problems with felines is low Strength and Constitution.

Other Races are ok for PK, but bare in mind that when you start playing Elite your stats dint start maxed out (like Avatars or Demons), so you'll be deprived of quite a few HP's during your first few levels.

The Ultimate PK Race!! Well.. About a few years back I was thinking about that, and i came to this conclusion.... At the end of third remort get your self a Demon. Start your forth remort as a Demon and level it to 109 (but at each level have you stats at 24)  Than when you get to level 109 you'll already be more powerful that others, but now it a time to get through another transformation. At level 109 replace your Demon soul with a Feline soul, and you'll have all of the Demonic HP and MN and the abilities of a Feline.  Well that's only a theory, and I was trying to test it out, but I fell in love with being a Demon so I never did go through with it. Who knows.. maybe one day.

Oh yea.. one disadvantage for Demons in PK is  Protection from Evil spell... I know it's not much, but trust me, you'll curse it when you miss that crucial hit! 



Ugh! I could go on for years about the PK class combos. But here are several that I think are better than any others. I started PKing with a Psionicist/Assassin/Cavalier (P/A/C) and for me that's one of the best PK combos. I know that almost everyone will disagree with me on that choice, but I found it SO fun PKing with that combo. My main character is still that combo, and I would love to test him out against my Demon Character (but not like that's gonna happen). After P/A/C I worked on a Demon Druid/Assassin/Wizard (D/A/W) and I found it a bit different. After years of PKing with a D/A/W I still feel that I'm not hitting as hard as with a P/A/C and that I tend to miss more often (but I compensate that with my stats, more mana and a better heal)

Cavalier/Assassin/Druid or Cavalier/Assassin/Monk, personally I'm totally against those combos, they don't have as much MN in PK and everyone can use their full DR kit against 'em. Sure, they have more HP but I don't see that as an advantage. But than again I never played with a C/A/D or a C/A/M so I might be wrong (but I did kill a lot of them... hmm but I also did die by the hand of several of them)

Ninja class is rather new to Elite, I've been in PK against several Ninjas (not single class ninjas) and I found them very interesting, the thing is that they don't need DR, and for the final touch they can use backstab... I'm still not sure about them, but I did start a Ninja character to see how good they are (But it's gonna take me a while to make him into something compatible). And I'm still not sure with what other classes to mix him with... a Cavalier so that I can berserk? or with a Wizard/Druid combination for the spell advantage... hmm.

Oh yea.. there is one other combo that I just thought of.. there is actually only one like it on Elite, and I fought against him a lot when I was just starting out. That combo is Bard/Cavalier/Ranger, I know it doesn't look much, but it's an interesting PK combo.



There are several skills & spells that are a must for PK, and there are several that are optional.. so you decide what you need and what you don't. The most popular skill currently in PK is "circle", a quick way to do a lot of damage in short time. Therefore I have to say that for a PK character circle skill is a must (or at least the ability to backstab).

The other skill that for me is a must for PK is "scout". Running around blindly is not a way to go, and scouting will help you a lot when searching for your bleeding opponent.

To bash your opponent is sometimes useful, but not s often. Bash is good only when you're PK-ing in groups. When fighting One on One I don't recommend using bash, it won't get you far.

Sneaking is very useful, I found it SO much easier killing adventurers that didn't have sneak than those that did. But sneak is an optional skill since there are several items out there that give that ability.

Hide... nah... I don't think so, everyone has "Sense Life" spell, so hiding is pretty useless.


I personally am addicted on using all sorts of SPELLS when PK-ing. The greatest pleasure for me (while PK-ing) is to see my "elemental cannon" spell burn a hole in my opponent. The fun part about spells is that you don't have to wait two rounds like with circle or bash to cast again. But the downside of spells is Magic Resistance (MR). And nowadays everyone has equipment that will protect them from the ill effects of devastating spells.

There are two types of spells on Elite, offensive and defensive. MR doesn't work on defensive spells (only offensive). The most important defensive spell for PK-ing is "heal" without it, you're a goner!

Ok.. I'll cut this short.. "Sanctuary" is another spell that you just HAVE to have. Other spells are all optional... but some are more optonal than others. "Remove Poison" is always useful (sometimes life saving), "Bless",  "Mage Gauntlets" and that Paladin spell.. (I cant remember the name right now) are also very useful.. some extra Hit Roll (HR) is always useful.

"Armor", "Vorpal Plating", Mystic Shield", "Mystical Coat", "Phase Blur", "Invisibility", "Protection from Evil", "Fly" are all optional, but you should use them if you have them.. every bit helps in PK.

"Detect Invisibility" and "Sense Life" are a must, if you don't have those you'll be in a big disadvantage.


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