Final Tips



What makes others great in PK:

1. Not bithcing about it when they lose!
2. PK-ing for fun! (After all it's just a game)
3. Admitting that you're not the best (and trust me you're not)
4. Not bitching to me that all of this sucks! (You dont have to read it if
    you dint want to)


Final Notes from me:
              - Everything you saw here is meant just as help, it will not
        make you the best PK-er around, you might be a bit better but you
        will not be there best. (There will always be someone better than

              - I have probably missed lots of stuff about PK-ing here, and if
        remember any of it I'll add it in, or if you want something added
        you can email me and I'll add it in (with your name by it if you

             - I made this web page for Storm Dragons, but you don't have
        to be a part of the clan to take the advantage of this page. Feel free
        to learn as much about PK as you want (maybe than I'll finally
        have a challenge when PK-ing *grin* )

        My email address: