I'm guessing that most of just jumped right here and skipped everything else... Oh well.. your loss. Now.. lets talk about killing!!

First of all.. how does a PK start. Usually people say that they'll start fighting on tick. Well.. that's the first thing about PK-ing, you must always know when will the next tick be! (check the scripting part of this paragraph for more info about tick). Before entering the PK you MUST have all your spells on you. Don't be spelling yourself when you're already in the zone!

On a tick before entering the duel I suggest you spell yourself up, you might want to leave out sanctuary. I usually cast sanctuary on the tick when when I go in the zone (so it lasts longer).

Ok now.. the tick has come, you just put sanctuary on yourself and are now ready to rumble. First decision you have to make is to decide what KIT to use. If your opponent is a spell caster (offensive) MR/DR Kit is a MUST! (Don't risk getting hit by devastating spells right away). If you're fighting a C/A/D, C/A/M or some other combo that doesn't have offensive spells a full DR kit is a great advantage. Now you're ready to face your opponent.

On starting out some adventurers are kind of sneaky, and they put their HP kit on and heal up and than put their MR/DR or DR kit on. So when you attack you have to get through those imaginary health first and than start doing some serious damage. But while you're getting through that imaginary health of his he's probably kicking your butt! Luckily there is an easy (legal) way of getting rid of that imaginary health. Healing your opponent will remove that extra HP's of your opponent. Even if your opponent didn't heal up before starting a PK he switched to his DR (or MR/DR) kit where he still has about 100 imaginary HP's so healing him/her is still a good move. Oh yea.. don't use the "heal" spell, it costs too much mana, use one of those low level curing spells!

Next move should be doing as much damage to your opponent as you can, and that can only be done by attacking! I strongly recommend attacking first! That way you have the advantage. (by attacking I mean using your circle (or backstab if you don't have circle) skill!

By attacking first you'll probably get your opponent to flee before you do, and if that happens you have the edge on him. If he fled away remember that he has less HP's than you (probably less than 500 but more than 350), you're probably pretty wounded by now, but remember that he's in a worse situation at this moment! So being fast is the key moment here, you must catch him before he gets a chance to heal up!   Now, I said catch up with him, and not run around the zone like a mad man! You should do it with style, move a few rooms, scout, heal one, move another few rooms, scout, and heal up again. Catching up to him is important, but while you're searching for him he's somewhere healing up, that's why while searching you also have to heal up!

About now it will about time for this tick to end, and you cant be caught in your DR (MR/DR) kit at tick, so you better change to your MANA (MN/MR) kit. You're thinking that now you only have to avoid the fight and wait for the next tick? WRONG!!! Quickly check if you're poisoned, if you are fix it! Next you should start hunting for your opponent again, this is the best time of the fight, this is the time you can actually use your offensive spells! (That's why I recommend making mana/mr kit (MN/MR)) I've killed several adventurers like this while they were waiting for tick in their mana kits.

When the tick comes you should heal up to your max HP (max HP from your mana kit). When you change back to DR (MR/DR) kit you should have about 100-200 extra health points (those imaginary ones). When you're back in your fighting kit it's time to find your opponent once again.

After several ticks some adventurers start taking some risks, like fighting in their DR kit and not in MR/DR. You should know this before you get attacked! So, casting a "locate object" spell on a well known MR equipment (like a torc, ninja mask) will tell you if your opponent is still protected against spells. (Or you can do a locate on an icicle, since he'll be using that in his DR kit and a holy hammer in MR/DR kit, but that only goes for Neutral aligned adventurers since holy hammer is Anit Evil).

While fighting you wont be always that lucky to see your opponent run away from the fight first. Sometimes you will be the one that is forced to flee. At those times it's important not to panic! So don't start franticly typing random directions.. stay calm, see where you can go and go there (but be fast). Don't be running away in only one direction! (like all north, or all west). If you go in only once direction your opponent can see you when he scouts. When you flee don't start healing right away, move away from your foe, go to a place where he can not see you when scouting and heal once, than move again! Never stay at one place for too long!!!

Here is a tactic that I use sometimes (and I saw some other adventurers use it also). When you flee because your opponent has circled you, and you're still left with about 450HP's, heal once and return to the fight! Your opponent has to wait two round after circling, he cant do anything in that time, and while he's waiting you have enough time to heal up once and get back to circle him! But be wary that tactic can sometimes backfire, you can circle him and flee because he hit you, and that you cant do anything for two rounds and he's coming for you and you're low on health!

WIMP.. I know that this is a bit late to talk about your wimp, but I didn't think of it sooner. For Pk-ing you MUST have a wimp higher than 500HP! Although you're wearing your MR kit, some spells will get through.. (since max MR is 85) and some offensive spells can do 500HP's of damage. I know of some adventurers than have their wimp set to 650 or even higher.. personally I consider that to be stupid, you just run away too fast, and you cant win by running away! An acceptable wimp (for me) is around 560 HP's. Also.. while PK-ing, you should always have more than 500HP's!! ALWAYS!!

*shrug* What else? I'm gonna start about scripts now, but if I remember about something that I've missed (and I'm sure that I have) I'll just add it in as I go along.




I'm gonna talk about PK scripts in general, but the examples will be only for WinTin/TinTin users (since that's what I use).

Everyone uses some sort of a script for PK-ing, even if it's just an alias to circle around his foe. I found it that the smaller your script is the more fun you'll have in PK. Lets start from the beginning, first that you'll need in your script is a TICK counter! Before I used to have my watch next to me and count the seconds while fighting (ahh.. the memories of starting out). But now I have a tick counter.

#alias {on} {#tickon}
#alias {et} {#ticksize 80}
#alias {off} {#tickoff}
#alias {t} {#tick;#cr}

#alias {set} {#action {^< %0Hp %1Mn %2Mv} 

{#var mana %1;#action {^< %0Hp %1Mn %2Mv} {#if {%%1>$mana}

{#tickset;#showme { TICK !!};#showme { TICK !!};#var mana %1};

#if {%%1<$mana} {#var mana %1}} {0}}{0}}

This looks complicated, but trust me. it's not! Lets me explain. The first alias is "ON" that turns on the ticker, alias "ET" sets the length of the tick (I have it at 80, if you consider the tick to be longer/shorter modify this number to suit your purpose). Alias "OFF" turns the ticker off. Alias "T" will show you the amount of time there is before the next tick

Now. for this long blue puzzle. The whole thing (the thing in blue) should be just one line, but I put it like this so i could explain it easier. Alias "SET"  turns everything on, first the scripts starts to monitor your current condition (the %0HP %1Mn %2Mv is the mud shows your stats every time you press enter). In the second line we have a variable for mana, and an "IF" command, if your MN is higher than the current number in variable that means that there has been a tick (since you gain more MN only when it ticks). Third line, the command "#tickset" resets the counter to start from the beginning again (80 in my case) and she "#showme" command show you on the screen the line "TICK !!" twice. If you heal your self your MN will drop, and so (the third line) if your MN drops the variable sets it's self to the amount of MN you have after casting that spell. Got it?

NOTE: You should set your WinTin/TinTin so it doesnt show you the messages from actions or variables (so you don't have a spam on your screen). You can do that by typing these commands:

#message variable
#message action

Next thing you should have in your scripts are aliases for all the KIT's you'll be using while in PK. You should have DR kit, MR/DR kit, MANA kit, MN/MR kit and a HP Kit. I hate spam on my screen, thats what I have gaged everything concerning kit changes (removing everything and wearing everything).

#gag {You stop using}
#gag {You light}
#gag {You slide}
#gag {You start to use}
#gag {You put}
#gag {You wear}
#gag {You grab}

As you can see I didnt gag the wield wepon. The wield weapon is the last in my KIT aliases, so when I see that I start to wield a weapon I know that I have switched to another kit.

Next what you should make are some speed-walk aliases. As I mentioned before you MUST know how move fast through the zone, and making several alias from one side of the zone to the other is very useful. I have 6 waypoints in my script, and I've marked them with letters (from A to F) and accordingly I've made aliases to go from one waypoint to the other ("AE" to get from point A to point E, "FC" to get from point F to point C, and so on). When you're choosing your waypoints try choosing the "rooms" from where you can easily check the surrounding, because you'll probably be using these aliases when you're hunting for your bleeding foe.

It goes without saying that you should have the aliases for all your spells/skills that you're using on your self.

I have a "target" alias that makes my life a lot easier.

#alias {tar} {#var {target}}
#alias {b} {circle $target}
#alias {m} {cast 105 $target}
#alias {k} {kill $target}
#alias {v} {cast 16 $target}

As you can see with this simple variable I've sold the problem of all this typing every time I face a different Foe. Alias "M" is the "Elemental Cannon" spell, and alias "V" is the for curing my opponent.

Remember about those sneaky adventurers that try to use their DR kit while fighting you? Well here is how I solved that problem.

#alias {item} {#var {item}}
#alias {?} {cast 'locate object' $item}

Before the fight I set the "item" variable to a torc (or something else) and anytime during the fight I can see if my opponent is using his MR.

As mentioned before, there are several low-life mobs living in the PK zone. They have absolutely no use to you, as a matter a fact they are there only to annoy you! Therefore i decided that I dont even have to look at them and so I don't!


#alias {gg} {g1;g2;g3;g4;g5;g6;g7;g8;g9}
#alias {ggg} {#ungag A*}

#alias {g1} {#gag {A gang member}}
#alias {g2} {#gag {A patrolman}}
#alias {g3} {#gag {A doll}}
#alias {g4} {#gag {A bruiser}}
#alias {g5} {#gag {A vandal}}
#alias {g6} {#gag {A member of the Trolls wanders about here.}}
#alias {g7} {#gag {A big, mean bruiser is looking for limbs to break.}}
#alias {g8} {#gag {A gang doll looks naughty and nice.}}
#alias {g9} {#gag {A member of the Ogres wanders about here.}}

Need explaining? It's simple, alias "GG" will activate aliases from g1 to g9, and all your mob problems will be invisible! Oh yea.. alias "GGG" will ungag everything.

Another useful thing is popularly called "zone sweeping". Sometimes the foe is just a bit faster than you, and no matter what you do he's always a step in front of you. Well here is something that might give you some edge. (but be careful when using this part, you can easily die if you're not careful)

#alias {kil} {tr1;tr2;tr3;tr4}
#alias {kif} {xtr1;xtr2;xtr3;xtr4}

#alias {tr1} {#alias {n} {north;circle $target}}
#alias {tr2} {#alias {w} {west;circle $target}}
#alias {tr3} {#alias {s} {south;circle $target}}
#alias {tr4} {#alias {e} {east;circle $target}}

#alias {xtr1} {#unalias {n}}
#alias {xtr2} {#unalias {w}}
#alias {xtr3} {#unalias {s}}
#alias {xtr4} {#unalias {e}}

I'm sorry if you were searching for some big scripting secrets here, as you can see I don't have those. I tend to use scripting less and less.




Lets face it.. People lie about LAG! That is to say some people are too spoiled, and if things don't happen instantaneous they complain about a terrible lag. *shrug*

Here is a rules.. if you're lagging don't PK! If you lose, dont complain about the lag!


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