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The Sand Kings


            Once upon a time there was a land of sand ruled by the Sand kings. They were made of sand, and the only thing that could hurt them, and even destroy them, was the sparse rain that occasionaly fell even in these dry regions.

            Water was the most dangerous substance in the land of sand. This devastating liquid could instantly scatter the grains that the sand beings were made of and turn them into mud.

            One day an Alien wandered into the land of sand. His movements were fantastically fast, while walking he crushed dwellings and temples.

            The Sand kings convened to discuss the matter.

            "Let's block his way with a great hill of sand, he'll go back to where he came from", said the First king. And so it was done.

            The Alien, however, climbed the hill and continued on his way.

            "Let's dig a deep hole, he'll bury himself in it", said the Second king.

            The Alien, however, clambered out of the hole, shook the sand off and pressed on.

            The Kings wordlesly watched him walk. At last the Third king spoke:

            "I have an idea that supplements the Second king's plan. Let's dig a deep hole and fill it with water."

            "Water?", shouted the First king in horror.

            "Yes, water", said the Third king. "Let the water dissolve him."

            "There is no other solution", said the Second king. So they dug a deep hole and filled it with water.

            The Alien saw a small lake before him. He kneeled at the edge, dipped his hands, brought them to his mouth and drank.

            "It's hopeless", said the First king. "He drinks our death."

            "Let's wait a bit, the poison will destroy him from the inside", said the Second king.

            The Alien stood up, took off his clothes and started to swim.


Davor Slamnig, 2001.

Translated by the author

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